Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Out of comission

I have not posted on here for awhile. I think the last time I sewed was the end of September. Beginning of October I developed carpal tunnel pretty bad. It brought my sewing to a complete halt which is kind of depressing. On a bright note,Thursday I go for carpal tunnel release. I am hoping this helps me recover quickly and gets back in my sewing room even faster. I will update the blog once I am sewing again. I will probably not be online for a week or so after surgery so now you know where I am.

Friday, September 25, 2009

1962 Singer sewing machine

I have been on the look out for a second sewing machine to use when I am embroidering and / or if my bernina needs to get tuned. Today I found a 1962 327K singer sewing machine. She is real pretty and sews like a dream.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Latest Project

My latest project is a joint effort. I am teaching my friend Brandy to quilt and we made a lady bug wallhanging for our friends baby shower. This is one of the fastest projects I have made. We decided on a Sunday that we wanted to make a wallhanging. Monday we picked fabrics and Tuesday-Friday we stitched it up. The shower was on Saturday ! This wall hanging is a combo of embroidery, applique, piecing and quilting.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

First Project Linus Top

Here is my first project linus quilt. A fellow chatter sent me a kit from her guild and I am sending it back to her to be donated. Maybe next time I will just do one from my stash!

Monday, August 24, 2009

New addition to sewing room

Before I moved to Kentucky to be with Josh I had an obsession other then quilting. I was obsessed with fish and aquariums. I had 9 tanks which ranged from frog to freshwater to brackish. I also bred my betta fish. I waited until I was settled and had a perfect spot for a fish where he would not be ignored. On Saturday, I set my 5 gallon hex tank up in my sewing room. After going to 3 fish stores I found Bernie(named after my Bernina). He sits right next to my sewing table and keeps me company. Without further ado ... meet Bernie

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Garage Sale Find

My girlfriend Brooke and I went to the longest yard sale this weekend. The one that runs from Alabama to Ohio. We just went to a few stops in Ohio. I found a handmade quilt at a reasonable price. I paid $30.00 for this quilt. I plan to add a sleeve and use it as a wall hanging in our hallway between bedrooms.

I also bought 6 yds of interfacing and 8 yards of fabric for $6.00. I was happy with these finds.

Long Time

It sure has been a long time since I blogged. NY was fun I got a lot of stuff done for the wedding ... BIG Relief. I can't believe in 11 months we will be married. I am dreaming of making a wedding quilt. I wish we lived in the days where communities of women would get together and work with the bride to be on quilts for her home. I dream of those days lol. Of course I have only read about them in fiction books so maybe it never happened who knows.I still have not checked out the local guild I need to do that. I think it would be nice to have gals to quilt and shop with. Especially, since I keep sleeping in and missing my morning quilt chat !

I finished the pp star baby quilt and gave it to mom at the shower on Sunday. She really loved it. First time someone cried when they received a quilt of mine. Her husband called me to thank me too. Wow that made me feel good ! Here are some pics..

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Splenda holder

I should be sewing on my stars for a baby quilt. However, this morning one of my quilt chat friends told me about these tea holders and I had to make one for my splenda. It took me 4 tries I threw out 3 of my yucky ones. Josh came in and saved them telling me not to throw them out to redo the straps. So I put those aside for now. Here is the one I am going to use and I plan to make a purple and black one for my step sister to give her birthday gift card in. I just love dual gifts :)

I have to at least make sure I have my fabric cut for my stars by tonight. If I don't get going on that I'll never have the quilt ready for August 15th.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Friendship Quilt

After hours of work and days of working on this quilt it is finally quilted, bound and ready to go to it's new home.

Thursday, June 18, 2009


Since I last blogged, I have been working on finishing the quilt for my friend. I finished the quilting on it Tuesday. The quilting went ok, I had a lot of start and stop points. Smoothing the quilt and pushing it through is hard using one hand. But, I did it! It is by no means show quality but I think it came out pretty good. I got the binding put on the top of my label and should have the binding sewn on the front of my quilt by tomorrow night. That gives me 9 days or so to stitch it on back. I am seriously considering just doing it on the machine. I will see what I think once it is sewn on.

On a different note my mind has been pre occupied with getting the chance to work at a school teaching again. I have an interview tomorrow and am so excited. The prospect has me nervous and excited, eager and hesitant all at once. This is what I have wanted for the last 8 years !

I will post a pic of binding when it is done and let you all know how the interview goes. Wish me luck on both !!!!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Gifts keeping me sane

I have finally found a moment to blog. At 550 am no less. That seems to be the way my life is going lately. Up all night, tired all day. Anyhow, I have been working on a gift quilt for my friend in NY. I will be presenting it to her when I go to NY in July for her wedding.This is not a wedding gift but a birthday gift for her. I just got the borders pieced on yesterday and now I need to piece my backing and get going on the quilting on Monday. I hope I can get it together in time. We leave for NY on June 30th.

I also made my mom a table runner to bring with me to NY. At first I was not crazy about it but now I am starting to like it. I was a minute away from redoing the whole thing then I washed it and it looks better.

That handsome man holding the runner is my fiance Josh :)

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Sewing Room

I told you next time I posted it would be sewing related. My awesome fiance hung my design boards and threadf racks this weekend. Now my space is finally how I want it ! Only thing I want to change is make covers for futon and a curtain for window. Then it will be done. I feel so professional now that I have my thread hung and everything together.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Non sewing rant

I know when I started this blog I wanted it to be primarily for sewing, However, I need to vent and have no where else to do it. It is 4:15 am and I have not been able to sleep AT ALL tonight. NOT 20 minutes ! I have paced the house, laid down, and sat on the couch. I am in bad spasms because my medication is 1 month overdue. To boot my tooth is really starting to bother me. I am looking online to find a dentist that accepts my insurance. I have very limited dental insurance so I will need to foot most of the bill. Ughhhh I need sleep this stinks! Sorry for the rant....

Next time I blog I'll have some sewing progress to share. I have a couple of things in the works.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Spring/ Summer Table Runner

I had a busy weekend in my sewing room. Saturday I washed and cut fabric for mom's table runner. Yesterday I spent some time reviewing different information pertaining to my embroidery unit. Then today, I got up early to wake Josh for work and came right in my sewing room. I set the embroidery unit up and stitched a bright butterfly on my center block. Then, I sewed up the remainder of the runner. I was still feeling pretty cruddy so I rested in between. Sew a seam , sit a few, sew another, sit .....This resulted in a pieced table runner. Next, I need to figure out how to put a label on while allowing for extra fabric prior to quilting it. I can't wait to see how it turns out.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Curtain of Chaos Top

My curtain of chaos quilt is finally put together. I just need to add borders.I am thinking purple inner border maybe 2 " and then a 3 " blue outer border with dark brown binding and a blenders backing. Decisions Decisions ....

Monday, May 11, 2009


I wanted to update my blog since I have not been around a lot lately. I am slowly feeling better. It is a long process it seems with a couple of set backs so far. I have been sleeping past 8:30 in the morning so I have been missing my morning quilt chat and I miss the ladies. I think my sleep is more important though so I can heal faster. I hope in the next few days I can get back to my morning chat.

I have been working on my chaos blocks. They are turning out an odd size instead of 15 X 15 they are coming out 12 X14 or so. I don't know how so don't ask. This is the first time I tried altering a pattern so maybe that is why. Anyway I will trim the blocks to 12" and then before borders the top will measure 36 across by 48 down. When it is finished it will be a nice lap quilt.

In addition to healing and sewing I have been applying for teaching jobs. Between last week and today I have applied for 30 jobs in both KY and OH. Keep your fingers crossed for me. I know I have the potential and desire to be an awesome teacher if someone would just give me a shot.

Thats all for now..

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Holy Fat Quarters Batman !

Since my surgery I have been receiving fat quarter huggs from my quilt chatroom friends. Word got out that I intended to make a scrappy pink, purple, turquoise quilt and that was how it started. My friend Karen took the idea and ran with it. Receiving squishies made my day. I decided to take pictures of all the fabric.

Pink fabric



In addition to all the fabric I received many cards and notes. I put all of these cards on my bulletin board in my sewing room. Here they are

Thank you girls ! Love you all

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Curtain of Chaos Quilt

I finally got started on my FQ quilt. I decided to name in curtain of chaos. I am hoping by the time it is complete the chaos will be gone as well. The last month has been pure chaos with surgery, not feeling well ,visitors, and just plain ole life stuff not to mention trying to get well enough to start working again. Hence the name of this quilt !

Yesterday and today I barely managed to sew together 3 blocks for my quilt. It is taking to much out of me right now. However, here are the 3 blocks I got done. The final quilt will be 3 blocks by 4 blocks.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Chaos ceased

Wel I put mom on a plane back to NY on Saturday. Life is somewhat back to normal. I still cant do much without getting winded. I guess I should still be resting. I will try to do more of that. Today I slept until 11 Am. I never do that I guress my body needed it !

Sewing wise...

I have 3 projects I need to get a move on. Mom loved my tabled runner so I told her I would make her one and bring it to her when I go to NY in July. This is the pattern for the runner and then I embroider on it. http://quiltbug.com/Free/table-topper.htm

I also have my Fat Quarter Breeze quilt top cut out. It takes 16 Fq's to make and is a patttern made by Butch Meyers. It is in Fons and Porters Easy Quilts April issue. Anyway I used brights and fun patterns instead of batiks. I cut it out prior to surgery and am hoping to get started on stitching it up this week. Since everything is cut it should only take a week or so to piece the top.

Finally, Josh's boss' wife is having a baby girl. She is due in 5 weeks and I just found out. I am going to try to make a baby quilt up for her. I figure even if it gets there after the baby is born it will be ok. Now I just need to find a simple to cut fast to go together quilt pattern.

That is it for now....

Thursday, April 30, 2009


So it is a week and 4 days since the surgery and I am ready to get back to life. However, when I do anything I get real tired and dizzy. This recovery is more then I thought. I go back to the doctor tomorrow and hopefully get my staples out tomorrow. I am pretty darn scared ! I have tried 2 times to sew in the last week and I get dizzy and need to sit down. This sucks.

When I get back from the doctor I will try to blog tomorrow ....

Thursday, April 23, 2009

3 days out

Ok so this is the first page of a blog I have been wanting to start for awhile. I have been really getting into quilting over the past few months. I am finally getting the hang of subtle things that can make or break a quilt. My first project was a baby quilt for baby Damien who is 11 days late now. I used a square in square pattern along with 4 patches in baby blue and yellow gingham. I cut and pieced it and my friend Karen quilted it :

I was pretty happy with how this turned out.

After finishing the baby quilt I wanted a small project where I could practice embroidery and machine quilting. I found a table runner pattern that I altered and this is what I made

Since finishing this runner I have had brain surgery. I have a month or more of recovering to do and am bored not being able to sew. I did however, cut up fq's for a scrappy bright quilt top. Once I recover enough I can hopefully work on getting that together. I am just bored out of my skull right now. I can't lift, stretch, bend etc for at least 3 weeks fun fun.

Several of my quilt buddies from Aol have been sending me pink/ purple/ turquoise FQ's so I can make a scrappy quilt out of them when I am better. I look forward to the mail each day :)Without them I truly would go crazy ! Thank you ladies !!!!!