Sunday, March 13, 2011

On My Way

Today I had to pull all of my fabric out of my closed door pantry in my sewing room. I need to put my regular closet back together in my sewing room to get ready to sell the house. when I yanked the fabric out I realized I am well on my way to being a true quilter. This is my current stash of 1/2 yard plus pieces. I also have 3 rubbermaid rolling carts full of fabric fq size and smaller.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

This makes it worth while

A friend of mine posted these pictures on facebook. Her son Gage and his new race car bed. Look what is on the bed.... the quilt I made him when he was born. He is 16 months old now. Isn't he a cutie :)

Turtle Quilt

After starting this quilt in January I finally finished it. I used the turtle party quilt pattern and adapted it here and there. This quilt is for a very special little girl in NY Abbygail. She is my best friend's niece.