Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Quilting is Done!

No, not for good! I finished the quilting part of the princess and car quilts. Now onto binding. I won't post pictures until they are complete and delivered because the mom might see them here. But I am so excited to be able to deliver them soon.

Friday, September 17, 2010


I am SO excited! I finally got the labels to embroider properly. Here is a picture of the Ballerina Princess Quilt Label. Now I need to quilt that top.

here is the label for the baby car quilt ....

I went to the hand surgeon this morning and he is sending me for nerve testing. It sounds like I will need surgery on my right arm again for cubbital tunnel syndrome. I will know more after the tests. I am planning on trying to get these 2 quilts done before surgery. I have to layer and start on the princess quilt this weekend. The labels are done and the quilting on the baby one. So, after the quilting on the princess quilt it is just binding which I wil do by machine.

Thursday, September 16, 2010


It looks like I may have to limit my sewing for quite awhile. I was desperately trying to finish these 2 quilts but I keep dropping stuff and getting frustrated so I don't think it will happen. After my carpal tunnel surgery last year, the doctor said he thought my other nerve ( in my elbow) was affected too. I did all the conservative treatment he suggested. Almost a year later the pain is worse, I am dropping stuff and my arm just feels weak. I am going to see him again tomorrow and see if he thinks I can get away without treatment ( maybe it will heal on it's own?). I am pretty sure he will send me for tests then surgery. That is what we talked about last year. In the mean time I just wish I had someone to help me finish these quilts. There is not much at all left to one (binding). Maybe I can convince Josh to help me.

Oh, the label I made yesterday I had to trash. The momma spelled the babies name different then what I embroidered Grrrrrr. Tried embroidering it again today but kept dropping everything and just hurt so after 3 times I shut the machine off and walked away!!!!I has never taken me 3 plus months to do 2 baby quilts. I am so frustrated!!!!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Trial and Error

I was so excited yesterday when I figured out how to create a design in the Artista software that came with my Bernina. This morning when I tried to embroider said design I was less then thrilled. This is what it came out looking like. Now granted i used poor thread choices on the writing but I was more bummed about the creases next to the design.

After three tries each adjusting something I was able to embroider this label. I discovered that when I got the few creases on this one it was when I was cutting the excess thread and stabilizer. Is there a trick to this?

My first try after the above disaster I changed needles, my second try I used diffrent thread and finally this last try I used a lighter stabilizer. I think it will look ok once it is sewn onto the quilt. Afterall, the quilt is not laying smooth due to quilting.So the small crease that is there will blend.

I think this is probably like quilting and the more I do it the better I will get at it.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Princess top

After working for the last month I finally got the second top complete. Now, I need to layer the baby car quilt and this one. This is my least favorite part as I have to ask my husband for help. Trying to layer with one hand gets tricky rather quickly. Thank God he doesn't mind helping. Here are a couple of pictures of the princess top.

My goal is to quilt my tote first so I get used to the motion and then do this one and the baby one. Now, what do I put on the labels?????

Friday, September 3, 2010

new project

I decided to take a break from the two baby quilts today. I whipped up a business card holder for my purse. I made up some cards to leave the teachers after I sub. Each card has my email, phone number, sub Id so they can request me again if they like me.I have been wanting to do this for awhile so it is a big relief to get it done. Here are the card holders...

Now to make my tote .....hopefully I can get it done this weekend....